The work environment, the natural environment, society, the market and consumers are recognized as the main and key pillars of action, for a company's corporate responsibility. Our primary goal is to act according to that definition.
By implementing some "green practices", such as our smart lighting and air conditioning systems, we achieve energy saving. In addition, in our facilities there is a battery recycling bin from the company "AFIS". With absolute respect, empathy and awareness towards all common struggles, we wish for a better society where everyone has equal rights and fair opportunities and implement a series of measures and policies, whose main goal is to mitigate, as far as possible, a series of inequalities or weaknesses. These initiatives are coherent, integrated into the company’s business strategy,are based on specific pillars and do not constitute sporadic actions.

1. Donations: on an annual basis, for each tax statement of an employee or retiree we undertake, we deposit €5.00 in public benefit associations that provide care, treatment and social rehabilitation to individuals who are deprived of the basics for their survival.

2. Free bookkeeping: to all people with disabilities, as well as recently released from prison persons who decided to start their own business, we offer free bookkeeping for their newly established business. We also provide free consultancy to all Sports Clubs and Cultural Associations.

3. Fee deductions on tax statements: for all unemployed individuals, people with disabilities, as well as persons recently released from prison, we grant a 20% discount on our fees for completing and submitting an initial income tax statement.

4. Voluntary blood donation: our company actively participates in voluntary blood donation.