VoyiatzisGroup LP applies strict operating standards at all levels and strives to be punctual towards the customers’ requirements, to provide continuous support and to respond promptly to the ever-increasing market demands. Besides, it is no coincidence that our customers reflect their growing satisfaction through our questionnaires, once a year. Our portfolio consists of 650 customers (150 companies and 500 individuals) and includes from medium-sized hotel units with a turnover of €5,000,000 per year, to start-ups, scientists (surveyors, engineers, architects) and retail companies. Indicatively for 2019, the total turnover of our portfolio exceeded €38,000,000. The vast majority of our clients consist of young entrepreneurs around 30, who dared to invest in the years of recession. We showcase a distinguished customer loyalty percentage, since from 2009 and onwards, our office is constantly gaining new customers, while only two left.

The basic principles of our policy are: total identification with the client’s expectations and requirements, as agreed through written or oral contracts, continuous support and service providing, constructive cooperation, continuous personnel training in relation to newest technological developments, customer satisfaction measuring, in-depth investigation of the causes resulting to complaints and non-compliances, as well as the establishment of preventive and corrective measures.

The goal is the continuous improvement of the services provided through the evolving efficiency of our quality management system. By utilizing the latest technological means in our newly renovated offices in the center of Kos Island, we aim for the minimization of human error. Business documents are either scanned, digitized and converted into accounting records, or imported into our accounting programs through files directly from our clients’ software. This establishes us as pioneers for the upcoming arrival of MyData on 01.01.2021. The paperless office philosophy has been reverently applied since 2014, so when something needs to be printed, it is printed exclusively on recycled paper.

Our office fully complies with the European GDPR directive since 2018 through an external DPO. Through an external security contractor, we ensure the encryption and protection of the data we process, as well as the maximum security for our transactions, using state-of-the-art technology (firewall, password vault, security protocols).

Unfortunately, Greece’s tax legislation is changing at an unprecedented rate, therefore the need for valid and well-grounded information becomes more urgent than ever. For this reason, through intelligent software of the latest technology, we use advanced and innovative practices for the timely briefing of all professionals and SMB’s. Our customers are regularly informed about their businesses’ financial situation on a weekly basis with automated messages, via e-mail or SMS.